For several years, international health institutions and academics have initiated new kind of partnerships. A dual objective is targeted: on one hand, to develop academic research that will have an impact on decision-making, and on the other hand to contribute towards more evidence-based decisions in the health sector. The experience shows that this ambition is relevant, but hard to reach.

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The collaboration of two institutions

Hospinnomics is born under the will and meeting of two personalities:

– Martin Hirsch, Director of the AP-HP, who wanted to launch an academic structure in health economics, in order to document decisions taken in terms of organisation and investments, as they condition efficiency, equity and costs of access of patients cared for by AP-HP.

– Pierre-Yves Geoffard, Director of the PSE, who wanted to keep on opening economics research to other fields and bringing it closer to decision-makers and general audience; the Institut des Politiques Publiques and the Esther Duflo’s J-PAL both illustrate this.

Read the presse release (1st of July 2014): “L’AP-HP et PSE annoncent la création d’hospinnomics”


Hospinnomics is a research Chair hosted by the Paris School of Economics and located at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital.