January 19, 2023- Fifth Session of the 2022 Atelier Technique Médicaments 2022

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The Atelier Médicaments 2022 is a free space for presentation and discussion between health economists and decision-makers in the field of drugs and medical devices.

Hospinnomics will close the Atelier Technique Médicaments 2022 with a final online session on January 19th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

On this occasion, we are pleased to welcome the following presenters:

1st Presentation: “Comparison of two financial incentives to encourage the use of etanercept biosimilars after a two-year national experimentation in France”
Albane Degrassat-Théas, Senior Lecturer and Hospital Practitioner, Agence Générale des Equipements et Produits de Santé (AGEPS); Member of the Institut Droit et Santé, University of Paris.
Marion Tano-Ngouamy, Hospital Pharmacist – University Hospital Assistant, AGEPS.

2nd Presentation: “The ATIH drug survey: collection and restitution”
Diane Paillet-Testart, Project Manager, Health Nomenclatures Unit – Classifications, Medical Information and Financing Models Department, Agence technique de l’information sur l’hospitalisation (ATIH)

3rd Presentation: “Assessing real-world effectiveness of therapies: what is the impact of incretin-based treatments on hospital use for patients with type 2 diabetes?” DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s13561-022-00397-5
Pauline Chauvin, Associate Professor HDR in Economics, LIRAES (URP4470), Université Paris Cité.
Co-authors: Clémence Bussiere, Jean-Michel Josselin, and Christine Sevilla-Dedieu

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Published on 12 January 2023