Hospinnomics seminar, 16th March 2016

Paul Dourgnon (IRDES)
Jean Guo (Hospinnomics)

16 mars 2016, 18h-19h30

Hôtel-Dieu, Amphithéâtre Lapersonne, 1 Parvis Notre-Dame, 75004 Paris

‘Health of migrants: challenges for research and public decision-makers’ (in French, discussion in English welcomed)

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France and the United States have a long tradition of immigration. Migrants represent a significant part of the population in both countries. Immigration issues are a major challenge for the regulation of healthcare delivery and social policies within a political environment unfavorable to welcoming new migrants. Yet, social scientists and experts in health policy are growingly arguing for a universal health coverage, not only to improve equity but also to increase cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

How shall healthcare delivery and health assurance evolve in order to fulfill the specific needs of migrants?

Following issues will be addressed during this seminar, based on case examples from France and the US:

  • selection, discrimination and acculturation at work: which state of the art on the health of migrants ?
  • rights, actual access to, and ability to fulfill the needs related to, health: French healthcare system from the viewpoint of migrants.
  • shaping inclusive policies: two innovative programs in France and the US.

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Published on 7 March 2016