Replay : 3rd Annual Workshop

Hospinnomics 3rd annual workshop occurred on September 19th and 20th, 2016 at the Hotel Scipion (Paris 5th) on: “Public decisions versus individual preferences”.

The complete program is available in pdf.

The summary of each intervention, both first day panels and interactive session, is available here.

You can also watch the replay of the first day panels below or directly on the Chaire Hospinnomics Youtube channel.


Pierre Corvol (Chair, Hospinnomics Scientific Advisory Board)
Pierre-Yves Geoffard (Director, Paris School of Economics)

Guest lecture

James Hammitt: (Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences, Director, Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, US)

Panel 1: Understanding public decision-making in health

Chair – Randall Ellis (Boston University)
Audrey Laporte (Toronto University, Canada)
Mark Stabile (INSEAD, France)
Agnès Couffinhal (World Bank)
Daniel Herrera (Hospinnomics, PSE/AP-HP, France)

(Suite) Panel 1 : Understanding public decision-making in health

Panel 2: Understanding individual choices in health

Chair – Pierre-Yves Geoffard (PSE, France)
Mandy Ryan (University of Aberdeen, UK)
Andrew Clark (PSE, France)
Mattéo Galizzi (London School of Economics, UK)
Nicolas Jacquemet (PSE, France)

(Suite) Panel 2 : Understanding individual choices in health

Panel 3: La traduction dans les faits (Panel in French)

Chair – Lise Rochaix (PSE, Hospinnomics)
Luc Baumstark (GATE, Université de Lyon 2, France)
Ariane Dupont Kieffer (PHARE, Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France)
Jean-Michel Josselin (Université de Rennes 1, France)
Giovanna Marsico (Secrétariat Général des ministères chargés des affaires sociales et de la santé, France)
Nicolas Boissel (AP-HP, France)

(suite) Panel 3 : La traduction dans les faits (Panel in French)

Préférences individuelles : le regard du muséographe

Carolyne Krummenacker (Consultante spécialisée dans le secteur culturel)


Martin Hirsch (Director General, AP-HP)

Published on 4 November 2016