The MOOC in health economics is now online

About this course

The main objective of this MOOC is to present the contribution of economists in the field of health, which is due to the specificity of their methods, the questions they ask and the way they approach them. Health economists are as interested in measuring benefits as they are in measuring costs, and in reducing social inequalities in health as they are in seeking efficiency.

The contribution of 33 speakers (academics, both in France and abroad, or professionals working in the health sector) illustrates the diversity of viewpoints presented in the MOOC.

This MOOC is intended for healthcare professionals and staff of healthcare institutions who wish to better understand the economic stakes of healthcare decisions and enrich their knowledge, for economists interested in the field of healthcare, and for anyone who is curious about this subject.

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You can now access the transcripts of the MOOC sessions:

Module 1: What can health economics teach us?

  • Session 0: Introduction by the scientific coordinator of the Health Economics MOOC
  • Session 1: Applying economics to health care – Sherry Glied
  • Session 2: Market failures – Lise Rochaix
  • Session 3: A systemic approach to the health care system – Alberto Holly
  • Session 4: Why is health care spending increasing in France? – Hélène Huber
  • Session 5: Empirical methods in health economics – Sandy Tubeuf
  • Session 6: Cooperation between economics and social and human sciences – Jean-Claude Dupont
  • Session 7: Medicoeconomicevaluations of innovation: methods and research tools – Isabelle Durand-Zaleski
  • Session 8: How to evaluate investment projects from a socioeconomic standpoint – Sylviane Gastaldo

Module 2: Can we think of health as capital?

  • Session 1: The Grossman model and the concept of health capital – Audrey Laporte
  • Session 2: The efficacy of tobacco prevention policies – Anne-Laurence Le Faou
  • Session 3: The challenges of health insurance – Léa Toulemon
  • Session 4: Health insurance in France – Pierre-Yves Geoffard
  • Session 5: Intertemporal choices – Nicolas Jacquemet
  • Session 6: Nudges –how to use behavioral economics in health care policies – Marlène Guillon
  • Session 7: An overview of social inequalities in health care – Sandy Tubeuf
  • Session 8: Social inequalities in health during childhood – Bénédicte Apouey

Module 3: Are medicines an economic good like any other?

  • Session 1: Pricing, reimbursement and non-reimbursement – Izabela Jelovac
  • Session 2: External Reference Pricing (ERP) as policy in Europe – Izabela Jelovac
  • Session 3: Rules for determining drug prices in France – Maurice Pierre Planel
  • Session 4: Non-DRG listed medicines – Véronique Raimond
  • Session 5: Generic drugs in France (1): Government efforts for a market with price competition – Etienne Nouguez
  • Session 6: Generic drugs in France (2): Government efforts for a market with price competition – Etienne Nouguez
  • Session 7: Orphan drugs: legislation, controversy and prospects – Philippe Gorry
  • Session 8: Looking at AGEPS, a regional procurement specialist – Claire Biot

Module 4: Is health care production the same as any other occupation?

  • Session 1: A supply and demand health care model – Randall Ellis
  • Session 2: Methods of payment for doctors
  • Session 3: How should we set the pay of nurses? – Robert Elliott
  • Session 4: The responsiveness of health care systems – Silvana Robone
  • Session 5: Improving outpatient care in hospitals – Catherine Uzan
  • Session 6: Quality of care in health – Thomas Poder

Module 5: Are hospitals a business like any other?

  • Session 1: Adapting hospitals to our future needs – Martin Hirsch
  • Session 2: Hospital decision-making – Pedro Pita-Barros
  • Session 3: Competition in the hospital sector – Carol Propper
  • Session 4: Mergers and acquisitions in the hospital sector – Daniel Herrera
  • Session 5: Funding methods in hospitals – Véronique Sauvadet
  • Session 6: The Véran report: advantages and limits of T2A – Véronique Sauvadet
  • Session 7: Territorial Hospital Groups – Clémence Mainpin

These transcripts are available in French here.

Published on 1 April 2021