“Le système de santé français aujourd’hui : enjeux et défis”, CES collective book, with the contribution of Lise Rochaix (june 2021)

Discover this new collective book bringing together 30 contributors from the Collège des Économistes de la Santé, to be published in june 2021 (Éditions Eska), coordinated by Thomas Barnay (University Paris-Est Créteil, ÉRUDITE), Anne Laure Samson (University of Lille, Lem) and Bruno Ventelou (CNRS, Aix-Marseille University). A Webinar dedicated to the presentation of the book will also be held on Thursday 24 June, 2021, from 11:30 to 12:45.

“Le système de santé français aujourd’hui : enjeux et défis”

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For the publication of the E-Book version of the book, a Webinar (Zoom) hosted by the coordinators and co-authors is organised on Thursday 24 June, 2021, from 11:30 to 12:45.


Extract from the back cover

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The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted, sometimes cruelly, some of the shortcomings of the French health system. It highlighted the absence of a global risk management strategy and the difficulty of taking appropriate decisions at a sub-national level. But it also brought hope by revealing a real capacity to adapt on the part of health professionals in hospitals and towns and pharmaceutical manufacturers, accelerating the processes of therapeutic innovation and coordination of the players.

Today, more than ever, it seems necessary that a book on health economics be able to shed light on the debates that are going on in the health system. Many challenges need to be addressed: the financing and regulation of health expenditure, the lack of coordination between primary care and hospitals, the lack of prevention and the invisibility of public health, social inequalities in health and access to care. These challenges raise questions for each of the players in the health system (patients, health care providers, industry, etc.).

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Collège des Économistes de la Santé is proposing a collective book bringing together 30 contributors, with the ambition of analysing and dissecting the main challenges facing the health system.

Focus on “Améliorer la qualité des soins : un aperçu des différentes stratégies”

By Zeynep Or, Lise Rochaix* and Nicolas Sirven

This chapter provides an economic analysis of the quality of care, focusing mainly on the French case and with an international perspective. The characteristics of the health care field (notably the information asymmetries between patients and professionals, externalities, mixed public goods and the many dimensions of uncertainty) have led economists to focus on the impact of remuneration methods on the behaviour of health care producers and of user fees, without sufficiently accounting for the central role of quality as a strategic lever. The objective is to clarify the definition of quality, its direct relationship with the performance of the health system and to analyse the main policies aimed at improving it. These elements are developed around the issues of definition and measurement of quality, and then the policies aimed at its improvement.

Coordinators of the book

Thomas Barnay is Professor of Economics at the University Paris-Est Créteil. He is the Director of ÉRUDITE, the applied economics research unit of the UPEC and the Gustave Eiffel University. He is also Vice-President in charge of scientific and international relations of the CES (Collège des Économistes de la Santé).

Anne Laure Samson is Professor of Economics at the University of Lille and a Researcher at LEM (Lille Economie Management). She is a Member of the Directors Board and Secretary of the CES.

Bruno Ventelou is Director of research at the CNRS and the Aix-Marseille University. He is an Associate Researcher at the Observatoire Régional de la Santé of the South Region. He leads various national and international research projects at the frontier of economics and public health.

With the contribution of the authors

T. Barnay, S. Bejean, J. Bonastre, R. Cash, G. Chevillard, B. Detournay, É. Defebvre, B. Dormont, R. Fontaine, C. Franc, A. Gramain, F. Jusot, V. Lucas-Gabrielli, J. Margier, N. Moumjid, J. Mousques, Z. Or, A. Paraponaris, A. Pélissier, N. Pelletier-Fleury, C. Peyron, G. De Pouvourville, D. Raynaud, L. Rochaix*, H. Serrier, J. Sicsic, N. Sirven, B. Ventelou, Y. Videau, J. Wittwer.

Lise Rochaix* is Professor at PSE and at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. She is the Scientific Director of the Hospinnomics Chair, AP‐HP – PSE. Her research focuses on the evaluation of public policies, in a comparative approach, both international and sectoral, with a particular interest in the regulation, in terms of efficiency and equity, of health systems.

Published on 23 June 2021