29 et 30 sept. 2014, conférence, « Bridging the Gap between Health Economists and Decision-Makers »

Bridging the Gap between Health Economists and Decision-Makers

29 et 30 Septembre 2014
13 rue Scipion, 75005 Paris

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Purpose and general theme

The newly endowed chair in health economics, Hospinnomics, set up under the auspices of PSE and AP-HP, has been given an explicit dual goal of producing policy-oriented research and contributing to evidence-based decisions. An international benchmark study has been carried out to identify ways of achieving this dual goal. This launch event, which draws on the findings of the benchmark study, brings together health economists from different countries and decision-makers to reflect on the actual impact of health economics research on decision-making.


The launch event is organised in three parts:

The first part (Monday afternoon, September 29th) addresses the question of whether incentives can and/or should be designed to increase health economists’ impact on decision-making processes. To address the issue of the feasibility of such incentive schemes, which require establishing causal links between research and decision, researchers have been invited to present a publication (report, article), which they consider as having had an impact (or not) on policy decision. The focus of the panel discussion that will follow the presentations will be on causality inference and the technical challenges it raises. Conclusions will be drawn from panelists and from the audience on the desirability of incentive schemes and other tools to reward policy impact in research.

The second part (Monday, late afternoon and evening, September 29th) brings together economists and decision-makers at two roundtables focusing respectively on reforming payment schemes and developing economic evaluation in France. The launch reception follows on.

The third part (Tuesday morning, September 30th) is an interactive workshop bringing together researchers and decision-makers to design future collaborations on three central issues for Hospinnomics : reforming payment schemes, eliciting individual and collective preferences and pricing innovation.

Provisional program

Monday, September 29th

12.30  Registration and lunch

13.30  Introduction

  • Pierre Corvol (Chair, Hospinnomics Scientific Advisory Board)
  • Pierre-Yves Geoffard (Director, Paris School of Economics -PSE)

14.00  Is health economics research having an impact on policy?

  • Chair: Pierre-Yves Geoffard (Director, PSE)
  • Andrew Street (CHE, York, UK): ‘Paying for hospital specialist care’
  • Pedro Pita Barros (Universidade Nova Lisboa, PL): ‘The good, the bad and the ugly of policy advising’
  • Luigi Siciliani (York University, UK): ‘Optimal price setting in pay for performance schemes in health care’
  • Marisa Miraldo (Imperial College, Hospinnomics visiting professor): ‘Payment for performance -P4P-: Pros and cons’

16.30 Panel: Who’s afraid of financial incentives to reward impact?

  • Chair: Lise Rochaix (PSE, Hospinnomics)
  • Bob Elliott (Aberdeen University, Scotland): ‘Incentivising Impact: the Research Excellence Framework in the UK’
  • Alberto Holly (IEMS, Lausanne, CH): ‘Policy oriented research: experience from IEMS’
  • Ilf Bencheikh (J-Pal Europe, PSE, FR): ‘Policy oriented research: experience from the J-Pal group’.
  • Antoine Bozio (Institut des Politiques Publiques – IPP, PSE, FR): ‘Policy oriented research: experience from IPP’

17.30  Coffee break

18.00  Roundtable I: Regulation in the health care sector: are economic tools useful and used?

  • Chair: Bob Elliott (HERU, Aberdeen, UK)
  • Brigitte Dormont (PSL, Université Paris Dauphine, FR): ‘Hospital payment reform in France: which economic rationales?’
  • Randall Ellis: (Boston Univ., US) ‘Risk sharing: what have we learnt?’
  • Sherry Glied (Dean of the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, US): ‘Planning and evaluation: experience with advising decision-makers’
  • Erik Schokkaert (KU Louvain, BE): ‘New tools to account for social justice preferences in health care systems’

19.00  Table ronde II (in French): Evaluation économique : quelle place en France dans la décision publique en santé ?

  • Chair: Alberto Holly (IEMS, Lausanne, CH)
  • Jean Debeaupuis (DGOS)
  • Anne Lemay (AQESSS, Québec)
  • Marine Jeantet (IGAS)
  • Sylviane Gastaldo (CGI)
  • Gérard Bapt (Assemblée Nationale)
  • Michel Fournier (conseiller médical Claude Evin)
  • Dominique Libault (Directeur, EN3S)
  • Gérard Vincent (Délégué Général FHF)

20.15  Conclusion

  • Martin Hirsch, Director General, AP-HP

20.30  Reception at Hotel Scipion

Tuesday, September 30th

9.00  Introduction

  • Lise Rochaix, Hospinnomics, PSE

9.30  Working group 1: Reforming payment schemes among healthcare stakeholders – what else drives cooperation?

  • Chair: Katharina Janus, Columbia University (US)

10.30  Working group 2: Pricing innovation

  • Chair: Marisa Miraldo, Imperial College London, UK, visiting professor, Hospinnomics

11.30 Working group 3: Individual versus collective preferences’ measurement

  • Chair: Sandy Tubeuf, (Leeds University, UK)

12.30  Conclusion

  • Pierre-Yves Geoffard, Director Paris School of Economics

Pour nous contacter : seminaire@hospinnomics.eu

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