lise-rochaix-hospinnomics-mission-2015Lise Rochaix, PSE associate member and professor at University Paris 1, is the Scientific Director of the chair. She is in charge of pursuing the 4 hospinnomics objectives:

  • Research
  • Decision-making
  • Education
  • Broad dissemination

Economic research in the health care sector matters for at least three main reasons. First, it has important macroeconomic impacts on employment, investments and trade: the health care sector has therefore a high economic added value but it also has a high political visibility. At micro level, it requires designing optimal payment schemes for producers, to achieve both productive and allocative efficiency, with a fair distribution of goods and services to the population. Due to the large number of market failures in this sector, the main methodological trade-off is to define more realistic models, which will gain policy relevance, while keeping their predictive power.