Early 2014

A large benchmark study is conducted with 50 senior researchers in health economics from 17 different countries. For AP-HP and PSE, number of recommendations are drawn, and influence the concerted approach used to frame the potential chair, the balanced definition of governance and the choice of co-construction of the work programme with the chair stakeholders.

See the synthesis (June 2014):
in French version or in English version.
Dowload the complete report:
in English version « Bridging the gap between economists and decision-makers in the health sector: Learning from others’ experience »
or in French version « L’interface entre économistes et décideurs en santé : retours d’expérience de l’étranger »

1st July 2014

AP-HP and PSE – internationaly renown for the quality of their academic research, notably in medecine and in economics – announced the creation of hospinnomics. It aims at giving France a structure fulfilling these ambitions: developing academic research that is policy-oriented and contributing to more economically sound decision-making processes in the health care sector.

July 2017

AP-HP and PSE renew their partnership within the hospinnomics chair.