Permanent team

Lise Rochaix, Scientific director of the hospinnomics chair

Research interest: Public policy evaluation, Health systems regulation (efficiency and equity) – Download her curriculum vitae (pdf)


Under the supervision of Lise Rochaix notably, some PhD students are working within the chair:

    • Aleksandr Proshin, 4th year, (supervision: Lise Rochaix and Audrey Laporte). Aleksandr will defend his thesis at PSE at the end of 2020
    • Ivan Tzintzun, 4th year, (supervision: Lise Rochaix and Marc-Arthur Diaye). Ivan will defend his thesis at the end of 2020
    • Sarah Nedjar started her thesis in October 2020 (direction: Lise Rochaix and Nicolas Sirven).

dupont-k-jc-picture-hospinnomicsJean-Claude K. Dupont, deputy

Research interest: Research ethics, benchside and bedside ethics, paediatric oncology, SSH methods in Health Technologies Assessment – Download his curriculum vitae (pdf)



Christine Meyer-Meuret, scientific promotion

Christine works for Hospinnomics on the valorisation of scientific work at the interface of public decision making.

Christine has a PhD in economics from the University of Paris 1 and has spent her professional career in various institutions in the health sector, both public and private (CNAM, Ministry, Commissariat au Plan, Sanesco, Mutualité Française). Christine was the rapporteur of the Health 2010 prospective reflection.


Thomas Pelloquin, project manager

Thomas has a research background in Sociology (Sciences Po) and a background in applied economics and econometrics (Panthéon-Sorbonne). At the end of his Master’s degree in Econometrics and Statistics at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, he was recruited by the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie (Accidents de Travail et Maladies Professionnelles). His fields of expertise are related to data processing and analysis, public policy evaluation models, qualitative data collection and processing. Scientific project manager at Hospinnomics since December 2019, he is in charge of different projects on innovative care pricing methods and health technology assessment.

Thomas is working on a thesis in parallel with his activity as project leader, based on publications derived from the projects he is in charge of. The work in progress and already completed at Hospinnomics already allows us to identify the common themes of the papers that will be the subject of this thesis: the dimensions of care pathways – in particular rebundling – and innovative financing methods – in particular risk adjustment – have been at the centre of his activity since his arrival at Hospinnomics in December 2019.  The work carried out for this thesis will focus on the EDS and Booster projects; it will be part of an approach to evaluating public health policies and analysing the ex ante impact of organisational changes or health technologies. The thesis will be carried out in parallel with his activity as project manager.

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Camilla Fiorina, project manager

Camilla completed a double master’s degree offered at the University of Turin (Università degli Studi di Torino) and the University of Rennes 1 in International Economics and Public Finance. As part of her master’s degree, Camilla wrote a thesis in collaboration with the University Hospital of Rennes on the evaluation of the consequences of the reimbursement of antimalarial chemoprophylaxis for travellers from metropolitan France to highly endemic areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Camilla joined the Hospinnomics team in May 2021 as a research assistant. She works mainly on the CBIG-SCREEN, OPTISARC and Booster projects.

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Meng Jiang, research assistant

Meng holds a master’s degree in Economic Decision and Cost-Benefit Analysis at the Paris School of Economics and the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and a Honours in Economics from the University of Sydney. She completed her both Honours and Master theses in Health Economics and she has developed strong quantitative and data skills from additional courses in data science. Her current research focuses in Rare Diseases and eHealth, on the topics of Efficiency of Healthcare System, Inequality in Care Accessibility, Health Innovation & Information Technologies (Adoption, Improvement on Health Data), Genomic Testing, and Project & Policy Evaluation.

Meng joined the Hospinnomics team in April 2021 as a research assistant. She is currently working on a project on rare diseases, including delayed diagnosis, technological innovations, genetic testing and the orphan drug market. Meng is also working on COVIDOM, a project on remote monitoring.

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Baptiste Haon, research assistant

Baptiste Haon completed a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Statistics at the Université Fédérale de Toulouse. He worked for two years as a Data Miner consultant for the digital marketing sector. Baptiste joined the team in October 2021 as a research assistant.

He works mainly on the Booster and EQUIRAC projects.

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Isis Catalina Páramo Herrera, research assistant 

Isis Catalina graduated in law and economics from the National University of Colombia. She also obtained a Master’s degree in Economics of Sustainable Development at the University of Paris 1: Panthéon-Sorbonne. As part of her studies, she was an intern at the Supreme Court of Administrative Justice of Colombia, in the section devoted to the contractual and extra-contractual responsibility of the State, and a research assistant at the Paris School of Economics.

She is proficient in programming (Stata, Python and R) and in economic and legal research, both empirical and theoretical. She is interested in evidence-based policy making and empirical analysis of poverty, equality, human rights, constitutional law, administrative law and contract law.

Isis joined Hospinnomics as a research assistant in November 2021, initially working on the preparation and submission of a manuscript based on the results of the IMPACT-HTA project.

Master thesis students participating in Hx’ activities

Paige GOODWIN is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy for Global Health at Sciences Po Paris. She is interested in the intersection between evidence and the creation of public policies, especially with regards to innovations in the healthcare sector.

She joined Hospinnomics in June 2021 as an intern. She works primarily on the EDS and CBIG-SCREEN projects.


New master students will join the Hospinnomics’ team soon.